Join the team

Dear lovely person,
We’re becoming known for how fast we’re growing, and our amazing work. And we’re always looking for new wonderful people to join the team.
Culture is the most important thing for us at Keeping&Co. When we sat down to try and define what our culture is, we came up with the following five phrases:

  1. We’re Family Members
  2. We own Problems
  3. We Communicate well
  4. We’re all Progressive
  5. And, we’re most definitely Passionate

Working as a part of a small, ever-growing team offers a plethora of opportunity and flexibility; and an environment where hugely exciting things can happen!

You’ll be in the middle of a diverse mix of jobs working closely with your colleagues, and on your own to get tasks done.

Our mission is to become a medium-sized agency which delivers some of the highest quality work on the South Coast – with the best User Experiences being developed to the highest of standards.